Project 52/Framed: Classic composition – centering

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Project 52/Framed: Creative complexity – filling the frame

While the setting is often important in a photograph, sometimes our artistic intention is to draw full attention to our subject. Filling the frame edge to edge with our subject(s) by moving closer, zooming in, or cropping the image in post-processing eliminates background distractions and forces the viewer to examine the subject in close detail. In a portrait, filling the frame with the subject—particularly close-ups of the face—can capture personality or mood that would get lost at more of a distance. Non-human subjects also benefit from this close inspection of all or part of the object. Filling the frame is often used in macro photography to isolate important details. While filling the frame is a compositional technique in itself, combining it with other techniques, such as repetition or rule of thirds, can lend even more impact to the image.



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Project 52: Playing with Light: Diffused Light [4]

Sometimes, when your dad is the treasurer of a sailing club, you get stuck going to some really boring grown-up events. But often there is an activity set up for the kids. And if your mom is lucky, it is set up in the exact kind of light she needs for her blog circle that month.

DiffusedWk4-1 DiffusedWk4-2 DiffusedWk4-3 DiffusedWk4-4 DiffusedWk4-5

Please follow the P52 circle to the blog of my friend Jessie Wixon. Stay tuned for our next topic in June, when we add some drama with directional light.