Project 52/Framed: Balance finale

So I did not do a very good job of balancing my life this week. My big camera came out of the bag a few times, but I did not end up with any shots that really brought together the concepts of balance–with people, objects, or space–that we have been studying this month. Coincidentally, I was pulling the last few months of photos from my iPhone and came across this little gem from a mid-September beach day that combined all three elements.


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PUSH creative challenge: Mobile phone

The first of the month means that it is time to post July’s PUSH creative challenge. I am participating in this challenge with a group of talented photographers from around the US that I met through the Clickinmoms forum (happily there is some overlap with my “real life” friends). We have a creative theme each month that is designed to push us out of our photography comfort zones.

July’s “mobile phone” theme coincides with a stretch where my iPhone is pretty much my photography world.  At the beginning of June, I saw that busy times ahead at work would likely keep me from getting out much with my “big camera”. To motivate myself to keep looking for interesting light and compositions, I joined up with another group of Clickinmoms for a daily photo project on Instagram. There are no set themes, just a commitment to post a photo every day. And I’m happy to say I’ve kept up for two months and counting, and that giving it the #cmig365jul tag pushed me to aim for a high quality photo every day.

So here you have it —  my life in July 2013 in 31 tiny little squares, from the camera that is always with me.

July1 July2 July3 July4 July5 July6 July7 July8 July9 July10 July11 July12 July13 July14 July15 July16 July17 July18 July19 July20 July21 July22 July23 July24 July25 July26 July27

July28 July29 July30 July31

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Project 52/Playing with Light: Artificial Light [3]

Sometimes the most interesting light happens when we don’t have our “big” cameras with us. Thank goodness for the iPhone. The image quality in low or artificial light may not be the best, but it has allowed me to capture many plays on light that otherwise would exist only in my memory (see here for another example).

Loren had a school skating party this week at Lasker Rink, at the north end of Central Park. As we walked toward the rink from 110th St. at dusk, the still waters of Harlem Meer reflected the lights of the surrounding buildings.

Artificial light - Harlem Meer

On the way out of the park after skating, Loren was walking on the benches and I noticed that the lamplight illuminated her nearly as well as a studio light.

Artificial Light - Central Park

Next up in our Project 52 blog circle is my dear friend Linda Hooper.

After the rain

My plans for a photo blog have been percolating for several months, and I will be playing catch-up intermittently with photos from the last several months that have been sitting unshared on my hard drive or iPhone.

In late June, we attended a weeknight event at Victorian Gardens in Central Park. It was a typical early-summer evening in New York with thunderstorms passing through town during the evening rush hour. We walked from mid-town to Central Park through intermittent showers, but in the end the clouds parted and the girls splashed through giant puddles that dramatically reflected the lights of the amusement park rides.