Who We Become – Things I Love

Wow, it’s been over a year since I’ve posted to my poor dusty little blog! We had a lot going on in 2016, including a move from the city to the suburbs. I really got out of the habit of regular photography, at least with my “big” camera. Now, in a new house in a new year, I am trying to get back on the horse and I am very thankful to my Who We Become friends for getting (at least some of) the circle back together.

My girls’ school is doing Jump Rope for Heart and Katy really took it to heart, sending lots of fundraising emails to which our lovely family responded generously. She qualified for the early fundraising prize, a giraffe that became her new favorite lovey for several days.

Please continue on around the circle to my friend Stacey’s entry for the month.



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