Project 52/Artistry: Audience (1) – Introduction

For the next few weeks, the Project 52 group at Who We Become are going to be examining the role of the audience in our photography.  After all, what is art without someone to experience it?  That said, can worrying too much about what others will think of our work change the work and in what ways.  Does it alter how we approach our photography?  How we set up our shots?  How we edit?  What we share?  Are we driven by a desire to improve, to more clearly communicate our vision, or are we simply seeking approval?

This week we are each choosing one photo and explaining how audience was a consideration in taking, editing and sharing that picture. I took this photo of the sunrise through a wet ferry window on a foggy morning. There was no doubt in my mind that I would share it to my Instagram audience, a small band of friends, relatives and fellow photographers. The small screen size and strictly photos format of Instagram makes me willing to share more creative or unusual pictures than I would in other venues.

Sawyer Week 3-1


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