Project 52/Artistry: Gut check

This week is an introduction to the Artists of Who We Become. Yes, we said it, Artists. We even put a capital ‘A’ on it! Introducing ourselves as artists is pretty terrifying for most of us. It makes us vulnerable to put ourselves “out there” so boldly when we have so many questions and doubts inside. But this is the journey that we are ready to embark on and first steps can be tough.

We have spent the last few weeks exploring our fears and creating personal goals. This week each Artist has prepared a short bio including our goals and dreams for this year’s project and perhaps beyond. We will revisit this exercise a few times over the year to see where we are and how our goals have evolved. A periodic gut check to keep us always moving forward, even if we are unclear of the ultimate destination.

My choice of words to introduce myself to the group audience:

I am a full-time professional in a field far removed from photography, as well as mom to two school-aged girls. Life is a constant juggling act. I started learning about photography to better document my family, and the technical and compositional challenges captured the quantitative side of my brain. But now that I have a good handle on the foundational techniques, and have no professional aspirations in photography, what’s next?

I don’t have strongly defined personal goals for this project yet. The very title Artistry is intimidating for me, since I have never thought of myself as artistic. I expect it to be a year of exploration, which may range broadly. I hope to devote more attention to capturing breathtaking or intriguing images of natural or urban surroundings; half the battle will be to get myself to beautiful or interesting places with time to concentrate on taking photos. I hope to improve my ability to photograph people in both posed and candid settings. Most of all, I hope to work past my discomfort with sharing images publicly and committing my photos to large prints.

Below are some pictures from the pursuit of my first “hope”. They were taken on a very chilly evening over the Christmas holidays, when I took an hour to go to Sandy Hook at sunset and take pictures back toward the New Jersey Highlands and Twin Lights.

Sawyer Week 2-2

Sawyer Week 2-3Sawyer Week 2



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