Project 52/Artistry: Comfort

I am thrilled to be embarking on Year 3 of a collaborative project with a group of incredibly talented photographers. Our first year, A Play on Light, was dedicated to the study of light and year two, Framed, focused on composition. This year, as we move beyond the technical, we will be continuing our self-education and growth as a collective by focusing on the idea of art and artistry. As photographic artists, how do we continue to develop our craft and make work that motivates us and inspires us to keep going? What, to us, makes better art? Follow our journey at Who We Become.

While we will be linked by common topics and posting as a group, this journey is partially an individual one, subject to different interpretations and personal goals. However, we remain joined by a common desire to find direction and meaning in our work, and to shoot with intention. We will be trying out new things and giving ourselves permission to fail – and to fail publicly. Even if we don’t find any concrete answers, we believe the exploration itself will be worthwhile.

Our Artistry project will run for 52 weeks, and will be divided up into several sub-topics. For our initial post, we each reflected on our body of work and have selected images that represent our photographic comfort zone, those that we feel most comfortable shooting right now. These images may be favorites or may be on the cutting room floor, but are images that each photographer feels she can capture easily. When we are in our “zone,” all the elements come together in a seamless and intuitive way and the shot happens almost in spite of ourselves.

In preparing this week’s post I reviewed the photos I’ve taken since Framed wrapped up in September. While admittedly I haven’t been picking up my camera nearly as often as I should, when I looked at the pictures from the last 4 months that I considered worthy of sharing, nearly all were close-ups of my girls. I have plenty of work from the past two years that has subjects besides my kids. But when I’m just shooting once in a while, these close-ups seem to be my fall back comfort zone.  Next week, I’ll share some photos from a shoot that got me a bit outside my comfort zone, as well as my goals for the coming year.

Sawyer Week 1-9

Sawyer Week 1-4

Sawyer Week 1-10

Sawyer Week 1-11

Sawyer Week 1-12

Sawyer Week 1-2

Sawyer Week 1



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