Project 52/Framed: Classic portraiture – photographer’s choice

The photographers of Who We Become are closing out June with favorite portraits in any of the four styles we worked on over the course of the month. The full collection is at Who We Become.





Project 52/Framed: Classic portraiture – group

These two little nuts were the only group I had handy for this week’s group portraiture assignment. All of my attempts at formal posing this weekend turned out hideously so I’m going with a bit more of a lifestyle shot (though it did involve getting them to “pose” side by side on the slip-n-slide).


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Project 52/Framed: Classic portraiture – full body

As we continue to explore classic portraiture, this week we are delving into composition for full body portraits. Like the half-body and three-quarter portraits we explored last week, full body composition offers clues and context about the subject being portrayed. In many instances, the photographer will stand a considerable distance from the subject, getting a wide shot that reveals rich and detailed information about the subject’s life and personality.

This shot was taken during an evening walk by the East River.


Check out the full collection at Who We Become.

Project 52/Framed: Classic portraiture – head shot

This month, the Who We Become circle takes on classic portraiture. In a way this is what got all of us caught up in photography — trying to get better portraits of our kids. And while our portraiture curriculum this month sounds fairly basic (head shot, half body, full body, group), I can’t wait to see how our study of compositional elements over the past 8 months takes our portraiture to a higher level.

I don’t know if I’ve achieved a higher level with these head shots, but they make me happy anyway.  The girls have not been very willing models lately and it was the first time in a while that I’ve gotten some smiles and eye contact when the camera came out, rather than funny faces or turned heads.