Project 52/Framed: Color theory – achromatic

I had a little trouble wrapping my head around an “achromatic” color scheme, until it clicked that any of my many photos of black, white, or gray scenes from New York City would qualify. Check out my fellow photographers’ interpretations of achromatic at Who We Become.



Project 52/Framed: Color theory – monochromatic or analogous color scheme

For the month of May the Who We Become circle is taking a spin around the color wheel. This week, we stick to one side of the wheel. We can use either a monochromatic color scheme, with a single color dominating (though the tone or intensity may vary within the scene), or an analogous color scheme with colors taken from adjacent slices of the color wheel.

My practice session at the Conservatory Garden in Central Park today resulted in only a couple of images that I felt qualified as monochromatic.



Meanwhile, this scene from a trip to Boston earlier this week fell into the analogous camp (from the red/orange/yellow side).