Project 52/Framed: From below


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Project 52/Framed: Aspect ratio

This week on Who We Become we are looking at alternate aspect ratios and how they can impact the image. The aspect ratio of an image is the relationship between its height and width – effectively defining how square or rectangular the image is. Most DSLR cameras use an aspect ratio of 3:2. By changing the aspect ratio we can use the height and width of the image to strengthen the composition, play with the perspective or create a more balanced image. This week are using aspect ratios that are more commonly found on medium and large format cameras, for example 5:4, 7:6, 16:9.

In this image, I found that cropping to 5:4 gave me some extra width to have balanced space to the sides of each of the groups of birds, while not leaving too much empty space above and below.


PUSH creative challenge: Reflection

The PUSH blog circle is forging ahead for 2014! This year, we will be following’s monthly creative challenge. Our theme for January is reflections, and these cooperative birds at the harbor in Atlantic Highlands, NJ helped me out.

You may have arrived here from Catherine’s blog. Next up in the PUSH circle we welcome a new member, Michele.

Push - reflection

Push - reflection-2