Project 52/Framed: Lines (bonus week)

For the last Who We Become post of 2013, it’s Photographer’s Choice — a fifth week of lines, or a favorite from 2013. I’m going with a little bit of both. This picture was taken in March, on our first morning of vacation in Panama as my daughters waited for the pool to open. It’s kind of a mish-mash of lines — horizontal, vertical, the curved ripples radiating out, even an implied diagonal from K’s hand up through their two heads to the green umbrella. It will forever recall for me their excitement for the first swim and their impatience when the pool did not open on time (it’s Latin America, after all). I love it so much that after all the photos I’ve taken this year, this one is still the opening screen on my laptop 8 months later.

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Project 52/Framed: Vertical lines

While the theme for this week of Project 52/Framed is vertical lines, what I really love about this week’s picture is how it brings in geometry and framing from months 1 and 2 as well. It even brings in complementary colors (red and green) from another course I am following this week (the excellent Shooting 302: Elements of Design) on Clickinmoms.  I only wish I had taken a step to the right to improve the symmetry. But my subject was not standing still for long.

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Sawyer Wk 10-2

And just because I rarely show pictures of myself – here I am with some vertical lines.

Sawyer Wk 10