Project 52/Framed: Balance finale

So I did not do a very good job of balancing my life this week. My big camera came out of the bag a few times, but I did not end up with any shots that really brought together the concepts of balance–with people, objects, or space–that we have been studying this month. Coincidentally, I was pulling the last few months of photos from my iPhone and came across this little gem from a mid-September beach day that combined all three elements.


See the whole mosaic at


Project 52/Framed: Balancing with space

In this week’s installment of our balance theme, we are making space a major element in the balancing of our frames. I chose this photo of the Roosevelt Island tram high in the sky alongside the Queensboro Bridge. While I’ve zoomed in so far that the tram is nearly hanging in space, I’ve left just a bit of the bridge in the frame at lower right to balance the diagonal of the cables.

Sawyer - Wk7

See how my fellow Who We Become artists incorporated space into their photos HERE.

And for the 1 or 2 people actually reading my blog these days, here is a pullback of the scene.

Sawyer - Wk7-2

Project 52/Framed: Balancing with people

Back in week 3, we searched for geometric shapes to balance our subjects in the frame. This week, we are aiming to achieve balance in our frame with people. In this shot, I was happy with both the balance horizontally across the frame, but also from front to back. Not to mention my first photos of my big girl mastering the two-wheeler!

Sawyer - Wk5

Please check out Who We Become to see whether my friends were able to achieve balance as well!

PUSH creative challenge: Spooky

Descending into a creepy dungeon??



Or just trick-or-treating in a Manhattan apartment building?


Where you will announce your intention to eat 5 pieces of candy tonight


And then ride the elevator back home.


Tonight’s SPOOKY post is part of a Clickinmoms creative blog circle. You may have arrived from Catherine’s blog. Please click on to be spooked by Sara’s interpretation of our October theme.