Project 52/Framed: Framing with geometry (with NYC Clickinwalk bonus photos)

When Project 52/Playing with Light drew to a close at the end of the summer, we just couldn’t let go. It was too rewarding to learn together as a group and watch everyone grow in skill and artistry, both in the photos we posted for our blog “assignments” and the spillover into all of our other photography. After a one month hiatus, we are back with a new theme: Framed, a year-long study of composition. We our also trying a new format to spare our readers clicking through a long circle of blogs, now that our group has grown to 18 amazing women. Today we are launching a new joint blog called Who We Become. The name is a recognition that for each of us, photography has gone beyond being a just a new skill we our learning, to an integral part of our personal growth. An introduction to the new site is here. Each week we will post a description of our shooting assignment in our own blogs and link to a gallery where you can see all of our images in one place. The mosaic is generated randomly and will look a little different each time you return. Should you want to read more on any of my friends’ takes on the assignment, you may also continue on to any individual photographer’s website by clicking on her image in the mosaic.

So now we come to Week 1: Framing with geometry. Click on this link to be taken to the Who We Become week 1 gallery.

In the first month of Framed, we are studying ways to harness the strong visual interest of geometric shapes. For week 1, we use a geometric element to frame our subject.


This photo was taken by a huge geometric sculpture in a plaza behind City Hall during the 2013 New York City Clickinwalk last weekend (sponsored by Clickinmoms, the photography forum where I met so many of my Project 52 friends). Here are a few of my other favorites from the walk, some geometric and some not!
















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