PUSH creative challenge: Humanizing a non-human

This month’s PUSH creative challenge, humanizing a non-human, was a tough one, and some in our circle decided to post other creative choices instead. But the assigned theme struck a chord with me. In a composition course I took about a year ago, we had to pick three words we would want others to use to describe our photography. The three words I chose were:


(actual picture taken for course assignment in October 2012!)

While capturing personality is an obvious goal for portraiture, I also love when a photograph of a place or object manages to convey some sense of the “personality” of its subject.

On a recent weekend we went to Mt. Mitchell Scenic Overlook in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. The park has the highest elevation on the Atlantic seaboard between Maine and the Yucatan with terrific views of Sandy Hook Bay and New York City, although it was a bit overcast on this particular day. When I saw these binoculars, I knew I had my humanized non-human, and my daughter was totally tickled to contribute the body parts.

PUSH September-4

On a more somber note, the park is also home to Monmouth County’s 9/11 memorial. Explaining that day to a 7-year-old is no easy task. I was struck by the grave look on the face of this eagle, who sits atop the monument listing those who died from the towns in the area where I grew up.

PUSH September-5

Next up in the PUSH circle is my friend Lisa Rigazio. You can also go back to the blog of Catherine Woelk.


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