Project 52/Playing with Light: Final post!!

Project 52 draws to a close this week. Full disclosure, more precisely it’s been Project 39 or 40ish for me. Procrastination tends to be my m.o., and in my usual manner, I was running a bit behind as the project started up and didn’t join until the fourth month when I finally got a blog up and running. The month-long focus on each type of light and the weekly push to post a quality photo have been a tremendous boost to my photography, in a year in which work and other responsibilities kept me from pursuing formal courses with the intensity I had managed earlier. I am forever grateful to my fellow Project 52 circlers for the support and inspiration they provided each week.

Some members of the circle will be using this last post to highlight a favorite photo from an earlier post. Others will feature a new creative photo from August’s theme. I ended up going a different way. In the past couple of weeks I’ve made some headway in going through my 2013 photos to print for albums and frames. I came across this forgotten series from early January. While I shot them for that month’s theme of Natural Light Indoors, for whatever reason they did not make the cut for any of my weekly posts. Maybe the claustrophobically close composition? Not wanting to show my living room messy from couch-cushion fort building on a cold January day? The tongues (although, full disclosure, most decent pictures of my girls are obtained by counting to five and telling them they can make the goofy expression of their choice on the fifth click)? Yet this set is what gave me the biggest smile as I browsed through my photos many months later.  And if Project 52 brought a bit of technical skill with light to my everyday photos of my crazy children, that is a pretty happy outcome.





For one last time, please continue around the Project 52 circle to see how my friend Kami Chaudhery has chosen to close out the year.

Our circle is taking a one-month hiatus, but we’ll be back in October with a new year-long project and a new format. Stay tuned to see who we’ve become!


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