Project 52/Playing with Light: Color of light [red].

Nightlight reading — magicians never tell.

Red Red-2

Up next in the Project 52 circle is my dear friend Linda Hooper. Check out her magical red light here.


Project 52/Playing with Light: Color of light [yellow]

For the month of July the Project 52 circle is exploring different colors of light. This week we move to the warmer side of the color spectrum. On a recent Saturday morning the girls and I went to Le Pain Quotidien for croissants, which we slathered generously with assorted jams and chocolate hazelnut spread. There was some beautiful natural light coming in through the windows, but the overhead lights had a strong yellow cast. Usually I would try to correct for that, but much as we embraced the green last week, in these photos I kept the yellow glow.

Kate spoons up every last bit of her jam and Nutella…


realizes I am taking pictures and pulls a typical 4-year-old face…


And wants nothing more to do with photography.


Follow the yellow brick road along to see how child photographer extraordinaire Jill Cassara has interpreted our theme this week.

Project 52/Playing with Light: Color of light [green]

This week our Project 52 circle takes on the somewhat intimating color of green. Normally I try to fix my photos when they come out greenish, but for this week’s challenge I sought out and embraced the green at our town’s annual Firemen’s Fair.

Dazzling reflected light from the grass:


Finally tall enough to go on most of the rides without a grown-up!


In the belly of the beast:


Please continue along to Julie Kiernan’s interpretation HERE.

Project 52/Playing with Light: Color of light [blue]

This week marks the start of a new month of Project 52, a collaborative study of light that I am pursuing with several talented photographers whom I have come to know and admire over the past two years. In July we will be spending each week looking for a different color of light, starting with blue. I didn’t do much shooting in recent weeks at the natural “blue hours” before sunrise and after sunset, so my blue light comes from a birthday party at Bowlmor Lanes. Big sister was the invited guest, but little sister parked herself on the neighboring lane and enjoyed her first bowling experience.

Bowlmor Lanes

Next up in the Project 52 circle is my fellow Manhattanite Sarah Davis.

PUSH creative challenge: Shallow depth of field

Once a month, I link up with a circle of photographers to push ourselves outside of our comfort zones and explore a creative challenge. Depth of field (trained photographers can skip the next two sentences and go straight to the photo) refers to the amount of a photo that is in focus — with a little knowledge and practice, we can choose whether to have the whole scene in focus or have just our subject in focus and blur out the rest of the scene. “Shallow” depth of field means that just a slice of the photo is focus.

Resting on a park bench after a long hard afternoon of sprinkler play.


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And if you’d like to see the sprinkler action that tuckered my kiddo out, check out another recent post of mine that featured the sparkling afternoon light.