Project 52/Playing with Light: Directional Light [4]

Summer in the city means sprinklers in the park.The late afternoon sun created a rim-light effect on my daughter’s hair and body as she caught droplets of light in her bucket.


Which she then proceeded to pour over her head.

Sprinklers 2 Sprinklers 3

Today’s post is part of Project Light, a year-long collaborative study of light in its many forms. I am fortunate to be pursuing this project with a number of talented photographers in the US and Canada whom I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the past couple of years. Please click here to see this week’s contribution from my friend Kennedy Tinsley.


Project 52/Playing with Light: Directional Light [3]

This week’s directional lighting is from the front, and totally artificial.

I love everything about my younger daughter’s dance school. The teacher is sweet, the classes are low key, and the moms are a lot of fun to chat with on Saturday mornings. Instead of a fancy recital, each student does a “showcase” for family and friends to show off what she’s learned during the year. But it is not a great place for photos. A bit of natural light comes in through the window, but not enough to light photos well. The ceiling is black and the walls are light green, so there is no place to bounce an external flash.  The only option was to try my luck with aiming the flash forward. I bought an inexpensive flash diffuser and fired away.

Ballet (with some fun flash shadow)…



And post-showcase treats from Miss Kelly — sunglasses and sucker.Directional-Wk3-3

Next up in the circle is Brooklyn photographer extraordinaire, Kelly Patton.

Project 52/Playing with Light: Directional Light [2]

This week the Project 52 blog circle continues our study of directional light. For today’s photos, I had my family play around in a patch of the yard that was strongly lit from behind as the sun set behind the fence line.

Crazy hair!


When I held the camera closer to the ground for this shot of my older daughter, the backlight created a dramatic haze.


Every week, I am impressed and motivated by the gorgeous photos produced by my friends in the Project 52 circle. Please continue on to the blog of Kennedy Tinsley, who captures beautiful natural light lifestyle photos of her four boys.

Project 52/Playing with Light: Directional Light [1]

It’s a new month and that means a new theme on the Project 52 blog circle. After a month of soft, diffuse light in May, we are looking for light with a stronger feeling of directionality.

We spent two lovely, lazy mornings at home this weekend and a couple of times I came upon my daughter reading or journalling in a beam of light. I could not choose between these two series so I decided to post both!

Here the light is coming from a west-facing window to the right.

DirectionalWk1-3 DirectionalWk1-4

And here, the light is coming from the doorway of a south-facing room.

DirectionalWk1-1 DirectionalWk1-2

Please head on over to the blog of Julie Mak to continue along the circle.