Project 52: Playing with Light: Diffused Light [4]

Sometimes, when your dad is the treasurer of a sailing club, you get stuck going to some really boring grown-up events. But often there is an activity set up for the kids. And if your mom is lucky, it is set up in the exact kind of light she needs for her blog circle that month.

DiffusedWk4-1 DiffusedWk4-2 DiffusedWk4-3 DiffusedWk4-4 DiffusedWk4-5

Please follow the P52 circle to the blog of my friend Jessie Wixon. Stay tuned for our next topic in June, when we add some drama with directional light.


Project 52: Playing with Light: Diffused light [3]

Our May flowers this year have come with lots of May showers. The rain had stopped by evening on this particular day, so we made a stop at a favorite pocket park by the East River to check out the blooms. The overcast open sky above the river served as my diffused light for week 3 of our May theme.

Kate Tulips Kate Close-up

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Project 52/Playing with Light: Diffused Light [2]

It didn’t seem like a promising time to catch a diffused light photo as we headed to a playdate at 4pm. We were on the south side of the street in heavy shadow, while the north side was in harsh sun. Then we spied a white building across the street reflecting the sunlight, giving me even, diffuse light for this snap of my daughter (showing off her new front tooth growing in).

Toothless Wonder

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Project 52/Playing with Light: Diffused Light [1]

Diffused light has neither the intensity nor the glare of direct light. It is softer and does not cast harsh shadows. Diffused light is scattered and comes from all directions, seeming to wrap around objects. For the month of May our Project 52 blog group will seek diffused light in a variety of settings.

This afternoon I found some beautiful diffused light in a place where I did not expect it – an indoor gymnastics birthday party. The light from the large windows created lovely catchlights in my daughter’s eyes and a vibrancy to the colors behind her in the room.

Jodi's Gym

Please continue around the circle to see the work of my friend Jessie Wixon.

PUSH creative challenge: “Through glass”

This post marks the start of a new project with 9 fellow photographers, who are a mix of old friends and new. Once a month we will post together on a topic designed to push us outside of our comfort zones — hence the name of the group. This month’s theme is “Through glass”.

Rush hour

Through Glass

If you came here from Tessa’s Wyoming blog, you’ve seen we have quite some geographic diversity in our new circle. Please continue on to see how Sara has interpreted our creative challenge.