Project 52/Playing with Light: Morning Light

For the month of April, our Project 52 blog circle is exploring the theme of light at different times of day: morning, noon, evening and night. I had the good fortune to get a head start on the theme during a family trip last week.

We were in Playa Blanca, Panama, which is located about two hours southwest of Panama City on the Pacific coast. North Americans are not typically used to thinking of sunrises over the Pacific, but due to the position of the resort on the Gulf of Panama, the sun rises over the water and sets over land. I made it down to the beach for three sunrises during the trip and got different quality of light for each due to different levels of cloud cover.

Day 1

Panama sunrise Day 1

Day 2

Panama sunrise Day 2

Day 3

Panama sunrise Day 3-1

Panama sunrise Day 3 - 2

Next up in the circle is the beautiful photography of my friend Jill Cassara.


10 thoughts on “Project 52/Playing with Light: Morning Light

  1. These are all so stunning, Cheryl! I love them all. I almost thought the first one was a sunset, until I thought about it more.

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