Project 52/Playing with Light: Night Light

Thursday night, Lower East Side

Thursday night, Lower East Side

The next night owl in our Project 52 circle is Stacey Vukelj, street photographer extraordinaire.


Project 52/Playing with Light: Evening Light

My Jersey Shore category has been quite neglected lately. Between the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which has affected access to most of our favorite waterfront areas, and the winter weather, I simply haven’t been outdoors at the shore much in the past several months.

This Saturday we went for dinner at my grandmother’s place in Sea Bright. While we waited for the cooking to be done, the girls went to feed the ducks in the Shrewsbury River behind the condo. It was our first time this year walking out on the dock, which had earlier been roped off due to storm damage. Last year it was filled with boats on both sides, as were its neighbors. So far this spring only a single boat is back in the water.

Sea Bright evening

Please continue around the circle to see what my friend Jill Cassara has been capturing in the evening light.

Project 52/Playing with Light: Day Light

The second installment of our time-of-day theme is day light. Meaning midday, the kind of harsh, unflattering light that normally makes photographers run for the nearest open shade. With the challenge of shooting in full sun in mind, I headed for a late-morning solo walk on the beach one day on our Panama trip, while the more sensible members of my family stayed out of the sun.

Far down the beach, I crossed paths with a group of locals out for some fun on Easter Saturday.

Playa Blanca kids

What was so interesting down by the water? A lovely creature like this. That they were kicking around like a soccer ball.

Panama jellyfish

Please continue around the circle to the blog of my friend Erica Collins, who photographs truly lovely creatures — her five beautiful children.

Project 52/Playing with Light: Morning Light

For the month of April, our Project 52 blog circle is exploring the theme of light at different times of day: morning, noon, evening and night. I had the good fortune to get a head start on the theme during a family trip last week.

We were in Playa Blanca, Panama, which is located about two hours southwest of Panama City on the Pacific coast. North Americans are not typically used to thinking of sunrises over the Pacific, but due to the position of the resort on the Gulf of Panama, the sun rises over the water and sets over land. I made it down to the beach for three sunrises during the trip and got different quality of light for each due to different levels of cloud cover.

Day 1

Panama sunrise Day 1

Day 2

Panama sunrise Day 2

Day 3

Panama sunrise Day 3-1

Panama sunrise Day 3 - 2

Next up in the circle is the beautiful photography of my friend Jill Cassara.