Project 52/Playing with Light: Artificial Light [1]

For the month of March, our Project 52 circle is changing gears completely. After focusing on natural light indoors for January, and then visualizing black & white in February (for which I used all natural light photos), we are turning our attention to unnatural sources of light. We are defining this pretty darn loosely as any source of light other than the sun, so expect to see lots of creative use of flash, lamps, candles, streetlights or other conventional and unconventional light sources as you go around our circle this week.

A recent photography goal of mine has been learning to use an on-camera speedlight. It is definitely a steep learning curve. Frustratingly, after a few weeks of practice, I still have no flash image that I like better than some test shots of the girls playing dress up that I took within a few hours of taking the flash out of the box for the first time. But this is why we dig into our topics for a month, and I am determined to make some flash magic by the end of March!


Another new development is the Project 52 debut of another member of our band of photography explorers, my fellow Manhattanite Julie Mak. I met Julie in my first photography class nearly two years ago and since then have come to deeply appreciate her talent, dedication and friendship. Please take a moment to congratulate her on her beautiful new blog, and check out her take on our March challenge.

8 thoughts on “Project 52/Playing with Light: Artificial Light [1]

  1. Love their outfits! K’s expression is priceless. Thanks for the awesome shout out – I didn’t realize that it’s been almost 2 years! My we’ve come a long way! đŸ™‚

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