Project 52/Playing with Light: Seeing Light in Black&White [4]

For the first three weeks of our Project 52 month of visualizing black and white, I sought out strong contrasts in light and dark tones. In this last week of the month, I tried a different approach. This picture has fairly low contrast, but stripping the color deemphasizes the multi-colored distractions of a bedroom in the midst of active play (is that a good euphemism for messy?) so that the dramatic lighting can shine through.


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Project 52/Playing with Light: Seeing Light in Black&White [3]

In attempting to visualize my photos in black and white for this month’s Project 52 theme, I have been reminded over and over that our interior decor is not very conducive to interesting black and white photos. I like light walls and light furniture, and I happen to have light kids…not a recipe for the strong contrasts that make stunning black and whites. So this week the girls helped me experiment with a makeshift “studio” using our best window light and a black backdrop propped on a chair to cover up the light wall behind.


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Project 52/Playing with Light: Seeing Light in Black&White [1]

For February our Project 52 blog circle has selected the theme of seeing light in black and white. With color stripped away from a photograph, considerations of contrast, tone, and texture become paramount. We are challenging ourselves this month to use black and white conversion not as a solution when the colors in our photos are a bit too crazy, but as the primary goal when setting up our photos, to get at the very essence of our subjects and settings.

The other night, I went in to check on the girls before going off to bed myself. I found Kate sleeping with her hands tucked under her head just so and knew that the contrast between her skin, the dark room, and the eclectic patterns of the pillow and comforter would make for an interesting black & white study.

Sleeping - B&W

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