Project 52/Playing with Light: Natural Light Indoors [4]

For the last few weeks we pretty much have been homebodies on the weekends. As a result my first three posts in our Project 52 month of focusing on indoor natural light were all photos from our living room.

This weekend, Loren and I decided to spend some time exploring on Saturday. Now that she is 7 and has a) more stamina for adventuring in the city and b) an ever-so-slight appreciation of culture and history, it is a lot of fun to take her to some of our favorite places from the B.K. (before kids) days. We took the bus to the Lower East Side and signed up for a tour at the Tenement Museum, one of my all-time favorite sites in NYC. We had about 45 minutes to kill before our tour and headed down the block to 88 Orchard for a latte for me and an unexpectedly foamy hot chocolate for Loren. The light-flooded cafe was the perfect spot to play with my camera.

Hot chocolate 1Hot chocolate 2Hot chocolate 3Hot chocolate 4

Playing with Light is a 52-week learning endeavor that I am pursuing with several other photographers from around North America (I suppose I can’t say around the world anymore now that our participant from Switzerland has returned to New York — but I don’t want to offend our Canadian circle member!!). One of the women I have been honored to get to know in the past year is Erica Collins, a fellow Indiana University alumna. Please continue to her website to see her final take on this month’s theme.


Project 52/Playing with Light: Natural Light Indoors [3]

This week’s post is our third week of exploring natural light indoors. For Christmas my girls received huge bags full of old dress-up clothes, costume jewelry and hair accessories from their Nana. They have whiled away a number of indoor afternoons trying out their new fashions. I caught Loren in a pensive moment with some soft side lighting from the window.


Next up in our Project 52 circle is my fellow New Yorker Jessie Wixon. Please follow this link to see her natural light capture for this week.

Project 52/Playing with Light: Natural Light Indoors [1]

Today’s post starts a new month of Playing with Light, a 52-week learning project that I am pursuing with a number of fellow photographers. Each month, we select a different light-related topic and spend four weeks exploring it. As January’s cold finds us spending more time inside, we have decided to focus this month on working with natural light indoors.

On New Year’s Day, I saw my daughter reading in front of the window and noticed how the book was reflecting the window light onto her face. I managed one shot of her plotting her daring exploits before she switched to a cheesy smile.

The Daring Book for Girls

Next up in our blog circle is Lisa Rigazio, who translates her architecture expertise into beautiful photos of her two girls.