Project 52/Playing with Light: Farewell 2012

One of my favorite personal accomplishments in 2012 is the time I have dedicated to developing my photography skills, which has resulted in more favorite images than I ever could have foreseen at the beginning of the year. Some favorites are beautifully lit scenes of nature or the urban landscape. Some are “emotional favorites” that capture a moment in my family’s life. Picking a top photo for 2012 is a near impossible task. But as I review my photos from the year, I keep coming back to this one from June, of Loren and her shadow running on the beach near my grandmother’s home in Sea Bright, NJ.

Loren - Sea Bright beach

This image has taken on a new poignancy since Hurricane Sandy, which devastated much of Sea Bright. While my grandmother (and my aunt who lives nearby) was able to move back into her home after a few weeks, many homes and businesses suffered irreparable damage. The beach between Loren and New York City in the picture is part of the national recreation area at Sandy Hook, which also suffered immense damage and may not reopenin time for the 2013 summer season.

Since picking a favorite photo is kind of like picking a favorite child, I decided to include a favorite photo of Kate from this year that frames her in one of our other favorite environments, a New York City playground.

Kate - 24 Sycamores Park

Another fabulous outcome of 2012 is the amazing group of friends I have made through the photography courses I have taken. Please continue around our blog circle to the website of my friend Justine Knight, whose timeless and distinctive style shines through all of her photos. I can’t wait to see how she closes out 2012.


7 thoughts on “Project 52/Playing with Light: Farewell 2012

  1. I just adore the top photo! Every time I see it I fall in love again. The beach with the city in the background gives the image a definite sense of place… and a place I know as well 🙂

  2. so beautiful….I love the first photo and can understand why you keep coming back to it as an emotional favourite….I have so many of those myself….You images have been stunning in P52…I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2013 brings us!!!

  3. Cheryl, I simply love your first image. It is one of my favorites! And Kate is just as cute as can be in the second one. Happy New Year! It will be fun to keep learning together in 2013.

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